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A Different Kind of Summer Lovin’

What makes a great beach experience?

The unobstructed sea views. The blue waters.
The sound of the whispering waves.

The suns warmth on your skin.

The music that is just right.

A shisha by the beach.

Authentic cocktails and refreshing flavors.

Such is the essence of East Breeze Culture.

Beach/The Zen Zone
Beach Chilling:


-fun times & tan lines

-people staring (its refreshing!)

-breakfast brunch lunch and dinner at our restaurant or by the beach

-waters sports (sup/surfing/kite surfing/canoeing

-Shisha loving

-signature cocktails & drinks

Special Services by The Sea:


-private yoga & meditation sessions (also applicable for groups)

-massage therapy(upon request)

-picnic by the sea

-romantic wave side dinners with private waiter

-bonfires & barbeques (upon request)

-cinema nights under the stars

-comedy nights

-international guest dj’s

-weddings & special events

“We create Funky events for the wild folks with summer in their hearts.”

Niovi Kay
Event Planner

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