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An invitation to unwind

When summer explodes we look for whimsical places with care-free auras to spend the hot days and breezy summer nights.

The basic ingredients are seaside, blue waters, signature cocktails, good food, fresh air and a lot of pampering and relaxation.

Summer days are rituals that we have patiently been waiting for and when they finally arrive we feel our childish souls come to life.

East Breeze days begin with healthy fresh offerings from local vendors.

Energizing breakfasts, lazy brunches and low lit romantic dinners by the waves.

Morning coffees with best friends, sprawled on beach cushions under the Greek sun.

Early cocktails, shared sunsets and star gazing with no interruption from the surrounding world.

East Breeze also offers early workout seminars, yoga classes and kite surfing opportunities for the adventure seekers and closes the days with intoxicating music events with renowned international dj’s , enriching the nights with deep sounds.

This is The East Breeze Culture.
An Irresistible Summer Dream
The Restaurant

East Breeze restaurant has a design that merges with the nature and the sea, a music cur ration made to satisfy, a kitchen full of rich flavors and local products, all in perfect synchrony with our drinks and wine options.

Our specially created menu combines the wholesome of the Mediterranean Greek flavors with an ethnic modernized twist and the traditions of our home.

You can also enjoy the beach menu during the day which is filled with healthy street food and light snacks, perfect for a pure summer day.

We invite you on a creative journey on the senses of locality with satisfying tastes and signature dishes.

Our mixologist blends local herbs, fruits and infusions to create a collection of enticing cocktails, inspired by our land, our sea and our creativity.

Choose through a selection of wines from Greece and local Santorini award winning wineries.

“Summers are for feeling to the max, for freedom and for creating amazing memories.
And that’s simply what we are here to do.”

George Kavalaris
Restaurant Manager

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