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Welcome to East Breeze Culture Beach Restaurant & Bar + Venue

About Restaurant

East Breeze Santorini Beach Bar builds on the bohemian-lux identity, with relaxed lines and decorative designs, we have combined a hint of minimalism with rich textures and local hand crafted décor and furniture and styled everything perfectly for spending endless summer filled days by the beach.

A feast for the senses, East Breeze has been designed to harmoniously unite with the surrounding scenic nature, a continuous reminder of Greek glamour yet down to earth.

Situated on the far end of Karterados Beach, with nothing else around it, East Breeze offers a refreshing pause from the central hustle. Encompassing a beach resort, restaurant and venue area, East Breeze is an all around balance restoring cultural hub.

With summer activities, Mediterannean ethnic fusion cuisine, cocktails by the sea, open air cinema nights under the stars and guest world known dj’s by night, it is designed as an escape and an antidote to everyday life.

A summer home for your coolest friends, a lovely mix of bohemian luxury and Greek charm, it is the must place to be.

A Different Kind of Summer Lovin’

What makes a great beach experience?

The unobstructed sea views. The blue waters. The sound of the whispering waves.

The suns warmth on your skin.

The music that is just right.

A shisha by the beach.

Authentic cocktails and refreshing flavors.

Such is the essence of East Breeze Culture.

Beach/The Zen Zone
extraordinary landscape

East Breeze Beach Bar is set on the far end of Monolithos Beach. Surrounded with white washed cliffs, with its own beach and nothing else around, enjoy the summer feelings with nothing to zone you out.

Our Summer Culture is all about Greek vibes,

wave splashing, memory making and You


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